Born in 1973 and raised in Japan. I recieved my B.A in Policy Mgt with focus on environmental education. While in Japan, I was introduced to Native American culture and it changed my life. I quit my job and came to the U.S in 2000.
While majoring in Parks and Recreation Mgt, I visited Hopi Reservations and lived several summers at Cheyenne River Reservation. I participated in ceremonies and native teachings, and worked as a camp counselor for the Sioux YMCA summer camp. I also was an interpretive ranger on Grand Canyon National Park, explaining the relationship between Nature and Man and helping environmental education programs for children.
Around that time, I met Reiki. I felt so natural when I met Reiki that I did not have any doubt or hesitation to learn it right away.
After getting the Bachelor's degree, I went to massage school and got a license. I enjoyed my career as a massage/reiki therapist at Miiamo Spa at Enchantment Resort here in Sedona,AZ for a while. I now have my own practice and have been doing healing work for 14 years.


Trees connect the earth and sky...
Moon reflects the beauty of universal life...
I thank all living creatures...


NCBTMB(National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork) Certified
Arizona State License MT-09568
Sekhem-Seichim Reiki Teacher, Certified in Sedona,AZ
Jikiden Reiki practitioner, Certified in Japan